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Emergence-y Petit Fours : Fruits - Apple

Emergence-y Petit Fours : Fruits - Apple


Year: 2020

Material: Vitreous enamel, copper, wood, leather, silk kimono fabric

Installation size: 50 x 60 x 15cm

Individual size : 15 x 13 x 13cm approx


Cuisine is a most inspiring subject. It is an interactive, progressive, evolving and communicating factor of cultural diversification; food reflects and conveys the essence of culture. The expressions of patissieres resonated with me in my current state of emergence. This installation comprises 10 oversized petit fours. They are individually useful objects but enclosing bugs within hinders their functional ability. They are given new purpose as invaluable and scarce objects d’art. Hidden cocoons and caterpillars represent hope and anticipation.

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