Chino is currently working on her new projects. You are welcome to make an appointment on the Contact page to visit her studio and see her work.


2021                  Conceptual Art Popup Belgravia, Vickisarge, London.
2021                  London Design Festival: Park Royal Design District.  
2016                  Shine, The Goldsmiths' Centre, London.



2018                  Sliver Award at Enamellers 3D Finishes Pieces - Design, 

                          Goldsmith's Craft & Design Council Awards.


2017- 2021        Gold Membership, The Goldsmith's Centre, London.
2016                  Setting out program bursary, The Goldsmith's Centre, London.
2011                   Artist in Residence, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.




Chino Ridge's creative practice began in her childhood, inspired by her grandfather, who was a Japanese-style painter and her mother, who is a clay doll artist and ceramicist. 

At 18, she entered Yokohama College of Art & Design, Japan, studied chasing, repousse, lacquering, jewellery making, Japanese flower arrangement and enamelling. 

After the graduation, she came to London and lived for 1 and half year with an ambition for her art career. 

On her return to Japan, she began working for an accessary design and production company in Tokyo. 

After 7 years from her first attempt in London,  she came back to London, this time she entered Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, studying BA Silversmithing and Metalwork. 

At the beginning of her 2nd year in the University, She began working part-time for a costume jewellery brand Erickson Beamon VICKISARGE where she stayed for over 10 years as a senior designer and metal work department manager. During this time, she managed to continue her art. 

In 2016, she was accepted as a bursar at The Goldsmith's Centre to develop her art

Since then Chino ended her designer job and focuses on her art. 



Chino was habituated by her upbringing in Japan to cultural and operational parameters on her life and work.  Notably, during her career in the fashion industry, Chino has taken an intellectual and spiritual journey to liberate herself from this orientation and developed an evasion to commonality and overweening cultural references. During this, she contemplated the nature of value, intrinsic and imputed, and sought to explore this in her art. 


Changes in her life: geographic, culture, language, character, religion, philosophy, food and history,   

All told, Chino realise that aspects of psychology, culture and history, and their relationships with modern society and herself are where her enthusiasm lies. Chino's works often to be observational factor and her voice in her alienated state. Therefore Chino amalgamates these elements and explores them in her art.    


Chino uses any materials to achieve perfect execution for her concept. However, she cherishes and enjoy use of copper and vitreous enamel as her signature materials: silversmithing methods as her chisels, marble and canvas, and vitreous enamel as brushes and paints, with which she believes to symbolise who she is as an artist.