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Chino is currently working on her new projects. You are welcome to make an appointment on the Contact page to visit her studio and see her work.


2023 - Sep - Monat Gallery, Madrid

2023 - Sep - International Art Fair, Luxembourg



2023 - May - Group Show - Spring: Park Royal Gallery. 

2022 - Sep - Kiji ( NFTs ) exhibition at Park Royal. 

2022 - Sep - London Design Festival: Park Royal Design District.

2022 - Sep - Group Show - Autumn: Park Royal Gallery.

2022 - Apr - Group Show - Spring: Park Royal Gallery.

2021 - Nov - Conceptual Art Popup: VICKISARGE, London.
2021 - Sep
 - London Design Festival: Park Royal Design District.

2018 - Feb - Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Competition: The Goldsmiths' Company, London.

2017 - Walter Van Beirendonck FW 2017.
2016 - Nov - Shine, The Goldsmiths' Centre, London.



2018 - Finalist - Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

2018 - Silver Award - Enamellers 3D Finishes Pieces - Design, Goldsmith's Craft & Design Council Awards.


2017 - 2021 - Gold Membership, The Goldsmith's Centre, London.
2016 - Setting out program bursary, The Goldsmith's Centre, London.
2011 - Artist in Residence, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.




Chino Ridge, originally from Japan, now resides in London. As a child, Chino was deeply influenced by her grandfather's Japanese-style paintings and traditional Oshie art, as well as her mother's expertise in clay art. These early encounters inspired her to study applied fine arts at Yokohama College of Art in 1992, where she discovered vitreous enamel—a medium that would later become her signature material.

Seeking to expand her knowledge, Chino journeyed to Limoges, France for further research before venturing into the world of fashion accessory design in Tokyo.

In 2002, Chino enrolled at Camberwell College of Arts in London to study silversmithing and metalwork. During her second year, she accepted a full-time position as a costume jewelry designer, eventually becoming a senior designer. Her collaborations with high-end fashion houses and the showcasing of her jewelry by celebrities and magazines put her artistic ambitions on hold. However, this commercial experience allowed Chino to discover her identity as a conceptual artist, leading to a transformation in her artistic philosophy.

In 2016, Chino received a bursary for the Setting Out program at The Goldsmiths' Centre in London, providing her with silversmithing facilities and additional expertise, which enabled her to bring her long-held sculpture ideas to life.

Since then, Chino has devoted her time and energy to creating her artworks, blending unique combinations of materials, themes, and techniques gathered from her diverse experiences.


Chino is a versatile and multifaceted artist who skillfully combines conceptual ideas with material-driven aesthetics. Her deep appreciation for history frequently shapes the core ideas in her artwork, enabling her to interpret the present and envision the future.

Transitioning from commercial design and traditional craft, Chino has had the privilege to participate in diverse projects that have facilitated the realization of her artistic aspirations, liberating her from being typecast both personally and creatively. She is particularly passionate about utilizing traditional techniques of silversmithing and vitreous enameling to produce evocative sculptures and installations, which have become her trademark. Recently, Chino expanded her artistic repertoire by incorporating heirloom vintage silk kimono swatches, further demonstrating her affinity for innovative materials in realizing her creative visions.

Guided by her curiosity in exploring fundamental themes such as culture, history, and value, Chino's work aims to challenge conventional ideas of beauty and utility. Her ultimate goal is to create thought-provoking pieces that engage viewers, igniting conversations about the intricate relationships between art, craft, culture, and our understanding of worth.


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