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'Citizen of Planet Soup'

'Citizen of Planet Soup'


108 x 93 x 1cm


Vintage silk kimono swatches, Indian cotton, bias binding and cotton threads.


Mushroom, tomato, carrot, clam chowder, pumpkin, minestrone, ham and peas, French onion, miso, and chicken are just a few examples of the many kinds of soups in western countries. Although I was never a soup lover, my parents can have them anytime of the day. Just like the many varieties of miso soup in Japan, my parents love all kinds of soups. I believe people can be categorized into two kinds: those who love soups, whom I call "shiru seijin" meaning soup aliens, and those who do not. My parents definitely fall into the category of soup aliens! Instead of asking people "do you like soups?", I now ask "are you a soup alien?" 🤣 Soup aliens exist everywhere in the world! Soup can connect us beyond race, religion, and language. So, are you a soup alien?

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