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Citizen of Planet Soup

Citizen of Planet Soup


Year: 2021 - 2022

Material: Vintage silk kimono swatches, Indian cotton, bias binding and cotton threads.

Size: 108 x 93 x 1cm


It is made of a collection of vintage silk kimono swatches that were passed down from my grandfather to my mother and then to me. It was created through hand-stitched appliqué. We are all artists who have used these materials in our artwork. There are many types of soups in the world: mushroom, tomato, carrot, clam chowder, pumpkin, minestrone, ham & pea, French onion, miso, and chicken. While I'm not a fan of soup, my parents love it. People can be divided into two groups: "shiru seijin" (soup aliens), and non-soup lovers. Instead of asking if someone likes soup, I ask if they are a soup alien. Soup is a dish that can connect people regardless of race, religion or language. Are you a soup alien?

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