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130 x 113 x 1cm


Vintage silk kimono swatches, Indian cotton, vintage French trimming and cotton threads


Egg Mayo, Ham and Cheese, Tuna, Pastrami, BLT, Croissant, Coronation Chicken, Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables, Croque Monsieur, Cheese and Pickle, Steak with Blue Cheese, Pan Bagnat. As there are more kinds of Onigiri ( Japanese rice balls) and filling choices in Japan than western people imagine, there are more choices of sandwiches in western countries than Japanese can ever think of. Rice and bread, those are main starches for the countries and are portable convenient food for our daily life. When my parents, who had never come out of Japan first visited the UK, they were gob smacked with the existence of such a variety of sandwiches displayed at a kiosk at Waterloo station from where we were about to get on Eurostar. I cannot forget twinkles in their eyes and expressions of irresistible sensations on their faces when they saw them! Of course we stuffed our faces with them in the end! Food has been an important medium for conveying my artistic concepts and intentions.

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