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Emergence-y Petit Fours : Chocolate Bon Bon - Amber

Emergence-y Petit Fours : Chocolate Bon Bon - Amber


Year: 2020

Material: Copper, vitreous enamel, turned wood, resin clay

Installation size: 50 x 60 x 15cm

Individual size : 15 x 13 x 13cm approx


The expressions of patissieres resonated with me in my current state of emergence. Initially, I started this project to create functional pieces that could be easily sold for income. However, I decided to stick to my conceptual art making. I placed caterpillars and cocoons  where a functional tray would be, destroying its functionality. The hidden cocoons and caterpillars represent hope and anticipation. 


Cuisine is a most inspiring subject. It is an interactive, progressive, evolving and communicating factor of cultural diversification; food reflects and conveys the essence of culture.  This installation comprises 9 oversized petit fours.  

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